barr’d taditional menu


Garlic & red pepper marinated mixed olives (v) $8

Trio of house made dips & warm bread, with marinated olives & feta cheese (v) $16

Saganaki (Kefalograviera) with fresh lime (g) $14

Grilled Chorizo on warm garlic bread (t) $13

Barr’d Nachos with Spanish sauce, cheese, guacamole, sour cream & jalapeños (v/t) $15 Add grilled chorizo for an extra $2


Garden Salad (v/g/t) $10

Quinoa salad with roasted green beans, broccolini, soaked raisins, almonds & feta cheese (v/g/t) $14

Eggplant & flash-fried chickpea salad with sweated capsicum, feta, hard boiled eggs, rocket & balsamic reduction (v/g/t) $14
Add grilled chicken for an extra $4

Chunky kumara chips with garlic aioli (v/g/t) $8

Fried patatas bravas in spices with tomato chutney, garlic aioli & bravas sauce (v/g) $8

Parmesan crumbed eggplant chips with guacamole (v/t) $10

Fried Haloumi Chips with Lime & Dill Sauce (g/t) $14


Paprika & garlic rubbed chicken skewer (g/t) $9 each

Lemon & mixed herb marinated lamb & chorizo skewer with mixed vegetables (g/t) $10

Vegetable croquettes with garlic aioli (v/t) $14

Oven baked stuffed mushrooms filled with pureed mixed vegetables & blue cheese (v/g/t) $14

Salt & pepper flash-fried calamari with garlic aioli (g) $18

Scallops cooked with anchovy chive butter (g) $18

Baked broccoli and cheddar balls with sweet chilli sauce (t/v) $12

Beef, almond & raisin empanadas topped with sour cream and mint (t) $15

Crunchy potato & chorizo bombas with bravas sauce (t) $16


Chicken bites with fries & tomato sauce (t) $10

Battered fish & fries $10

Cheeseburger with fries (t) $10


Spanish meatballs in Spanish sauce with warm bread (t) $18

Maple soy marinated pork belly tacos with rocket, mango Kewpie Mayo, pickled red onions, jalapeño jam & fresh chilli (t) $18

Pan baked hake fillet with roasted broccolini, lemon and herb butter sauce & crushed almond mix garnish (g/t) $16

Roasted lamb cutlets with a sweet potato, rocket & feta salad (g/t) $19.5

Chilli & garlic creamy prawns with warm bread $18

Deep fried chicken bites coated in Spanish jerk sauce & topped with spring onion (t) $14


Saffron rice pan baked with seasonal vegetables & fresh lemon (v/g)
– medium $50
– large $58

Mixed paella with chicken, chorizo, baby octopus, fish, squid & peas (g)
– medium $55
– large $65

Seafood paella with prawns, squid, scallops, baby octopus, fish & crab (g)
– medium $59
– large $69

*medium sized paellas are recommended for 2-4 consumers as we
recommend our larger serve for 4 people and above.


Churros dusted in cinnamon sugar served with warm chocolate sauce (t) $12

Creme Catalana – Spanish creamy custard dessert with caramelised sugar (g/t)

Hazelnut and chocolate mousse with mixed berry compote (V/g/t) $12


$46 pp (min. of 2 people)

Patatas Bravas
Stuffed mushrooms
Vegetable croquettes
Chicken skewers
Spanish Meatballs

* (v- vegetarian, g- gluten free, t- takeaway)

barr’d burger menu


barr’d burger

Angus beef patty, melted tasty cheese, iceberg lettuce, tomato, house made pickles, ketchup, mustard & aioli
$10 – with fries $14



Angus beef patty, melted tasty cheese, jalapeños, Spanish onion, rocket & tomato aioli
$10 – with fries $14


croquette (v)

Vegetable croquettes, iceberg lettuce, tomato, melted tasty cheese, house made pickles, ketchup, aioli & mustard
$10 – with fries $14

east ivy

Angus beef patty, melted tasty cheese, iceberg lettuce, tomato, house made pickles, ketchup, aioli mustard, bacon & grilled pineapple
$12 – with fries $16

grilled chicken

Lemon & herb marinated chicken breast, iceberg lettuce, Spanish onion, aioli, cheese & bacon
$10 – with fries $14

mushroom (v/vegan)

Roasted field mushroom, fried haloumi cheese, tomato, guacomole, rocket, spanish onion, BBQ sauce
$10 – with fries $14


Angus beef patty, melted tasty cheese, iceberg lettuce, tomato, house made pickles, ketchup, mustard & spicy turbo sauce
$10 – with fries $14

spicy chicken

Spicy crumbed chicken breast, apple slaw, iceberg lettuce & housemade spicy chipotle sauce
$12 – with fries $16


Grilled tofu and spring onion burger, tomato, iceberg lettuce, sweet chilli sauce, crunchy sweet potato cake & tomato relish
$10 – with fries $14

the double

Double beef, double bacon, tomato, onion rings, aioli, BBQ sauce
$12 – with fries $16


Cider battered fish, tartare, beetroot puree, apple slaw, & iceberg lettuce
$12 – with fries $16


Bowl of Fries $6

Battered onion rings $6

Loaded fries with bacon, melted mozzarella cheese, spring onion & sour cream

Loaded fries, with guacamole, tomato chutney, melted mozzarella cheese & feta

burger special!!!

Make a burger a combo with a side of fries & schooner for $20!
And an east ivy, the double burger and spicy chicken burger for $23!

Angus beef patty $4

Bacon, beetroot, guacamole, pickles, jalapeños, onion ring, croquette, fried egg, sweet potato cake $1

Grilled pineapple $.50

Gluten Free Buns / Vegan Buns Available